VoIP on NBN explained

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and involves the transmission of voice and multimedia over the internet. It involves taking and receiving a call through the internet. A VoIP landline service is similar to the one you currently used, and helpfully also allows you to use your existing handset and number. When you switch your landline to NBN, the VoIP service will work through the internet. It’s a very useful way of making calls – for a start, once set up it’s a lot cheaper than using normal phone lines. It means that, depending on your setup, you may not have to pay for your phone calls based on distance, which country you’re calling, or how much time you spend chatting.

Why switch to VoIP phone over your existing landline?

• Because cloud-based phone services do not make use of a traditional phone line, they are more cost-effective. There are no fees associated and calls can be made/received at a lower rate.
• An expensive PBX system and multiple landlines are not required, making it a better option for businesses in terms of cost and scalability.
• A cloud-based phone system offers an efficient and reliable communication network for businesses.

The benefits of VoIP are many. The cloud and file-sharing technology paves the way for a better communication channel. Employees can conveniently work remotely and from multiple locations. The ease of communication offered allow businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and, as businesses grow, switching to a cloud-based solution is incredibly helpful for scalability.

We can help you make a seamless switch from Analog to VoIP
With our expert knowledge and tailored solutions, we can meet the exact requirements of your business and work closely with you to ensure your switch from Analog to VoIP is a seamless one.