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Phishing Scams becoming more sophisticated

Phising scams are just one of many online hoaxes and frauds that are becoming more sophisticated, exposing computer users to greater challenges. It’s vital to have secure platforms to spot scam emails, so you stay safer online. The ultimate method to beat the hackers and ransomware is to install robust cyber security anti-virus software.

Cyber Security – Keeping Your Data Safe From Hackers

According to the latest study released by the United Nations, more than 75{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} of Australia’s population is considered an active online user. The report also found that 47.1{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} of the global population is now online, an increase by almost 5{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} of last year’s figures...

‘No Click’ Viruses Holding Computers to Ransom 

As we are becoming more and more cautious about Ransomware infections, attackers are developing smarter techniques to attack computer systems. According to reports issued by security firms, the number of malicious viruses has increased exponentially since the beginning of the year.