The safe Smart watch that let’s you stay in touch with your children

IT DOESN’T play Fortnite and it can’t access Facebook, but parents can keep in touch with their kids via call, text, or even view their location on a map in real-time like they’re waiting for UberEATS with the Spacetalk GPS smartwatch. For the many parents who don’t want to give their child a mobile phone and are looking for alternatives [...]


Computer security threats are clever, insidious and cause untold amounts of harm to innocent people and businesses alike. Knowledge is power, however, so the best way to protect yourself against complex security threats is to work with those in the know, the best technicians possible who are dedicated to winning the war against those invisible demons who steal, disrupt and damage!

Spring is Here, Time to Spring Clean Your Computer

Spring is Here, Time to Spring Clean Your Computer As we all are aware computers are due for a service at least once a year and what better time than spring. After a long cold winter the sunshine is finally warming up and giving us an opportunity to spend time outside. Computer cleaning splits in to two main tasks: hardware cleaning and system cleaning.

Five reasons to clean up to your computer regularly

Your computer works at its optimum level when taken care of. However, having the top of the range hardware does not necessarily safeguard you from unforeseen issues. Without regular clean up and servicing, your computer may let you down. The following are five key reasons why it is important to regularly clean-up your computer system.