Q: Should I Upgrade to Solid State Drive (SSD) Technology? And what is a solid state hard drive? Are solid state drives faster? What’s in this for me?



OK, let’s start from the very beginning (a very good place to start).

computer geeksWhat is a solid state hard drive?

A normal hard drive will have a little mechanical ‘arm’ that moves around and will both read and write data for storage in your computer. A Solid State Drive or SSD on the other hand, is like a USB Storage device in that there are no moving parts and information is stored on microchips.

Because a normal hard drive needs to move around to the right locations on the storage device in order to access the information you’re seeking, this can slow down response times. An SSD however has access to all the information at all times.

Are solid state drives faster?

SSD’s can be up to 100 times faster than a standard hard drive, so if faster boot ups, virtually instantaneous data access, quicker file transfers and all round improved performance are what you’re after, then yes, you should speak to our IT services team about switching to an SSD.

Should I Upgrade to Solid State Drive (SSD) Technology?

If you are still running a mechanical hard drive in your Computer and it’s running slow, the time has come to call the best IT Support Melbourne wide to replace your existing hard disk drives with a fast, non-volatile Solid State Drive. Our computer geeks can upgrade your computer to an SSD, giving you a better alternative to a standard hard drive.

What Happens Then?

Even the best computer needs regular servicing. You don’t drive your car for 200 000 kms without even bothering to check the oil & water, so once our onsite computer support techs have upgraded your HDD to an SSD, make sure you schedule regular systems clean ups, utilizing the best virus removal tools and techniques to keep your computer working efficiently and securely.


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Aside from the SSD upgrade, our computer geeks can provide a wide range of computer, laptop and Mac repairs Melbourne wide at a reasonable rate, to help your budget and give you piece of mind. We’re always happy to help so why not contact us today and let us provide you with exceptional IT support Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.