email setup

Email Setup

As technology is getting more advanced, the need for a reliable and efficient communication platform is more crucial  than ever before. Email plays a vital role in sending and receiving information, and having the ability to access it via different devices and platforms is essential. Our team specialise in making email setup a simple and effective process for your personal or business needs.

The team at WIFI will explain the available email protocols (IMAP, POP3, and Exchange) and recommend a solution that suits your requirements. We can then setup and configure your email account and optimise it for the best performance. This includes importing/exporting emails from one device to another.

Our techs can also reconfigure and repair your current email setup on your computer or other devices including Smartphones, iPads and other Tablets. Some of the most common issues users experience include;

  • Can’t send or receive emails
  • Can receive emails but cannot send
  • Can send emails but cannot receive
  • Compromised email account
  • Email downloading too slow
  • Email program stops working
  • Email bouncebacks
  • Error message when sending email

IT WIFI also offer email hosting services competitive rates.

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