First, if like most, you’ve got an inkjet printer a printer cartridge refill can be a great choice. Inkjet printers run on liquid ink that comes in black and in all the 3 colours – cyan, magenta and yellow. A good printer cartridge refill company will make sure they use the highest quality industry-graded ink possible to give you the best vibrancy and quality per printed page.

Second, another great reason to buy printer cartridge refills is to save the environment. Cartridges are made of plastic and every time you throw one out, you’re adding to already huge problem of landfill waste. By refilling one ink cartridge 3-4 times, you keep it out of the landfill for much longer.

Third, the savings with a printer cartridge refill are enormous! At IT WIFI our printer cartridge refills can literally save you fifty percent OFF the cost of buying a new cartridge, and that’s for both home and office cartridges.

Seems there are some pretty good reasons to drop in and have Albert refill your ink cartridges while you wait!


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