Australia One of the Leading Nations in Terms of Internet Usage

anti virusAccording to the latest study released by the United Nations, more than 75{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} of Australia’s population is considered an active online user. The report also found that 47.1{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} of the global population is now online, an increase by almost 5{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} of last year’s figures.

The breadth and affordability of the mobile Internet connectivity service helped shape the latest figure released by the UN Nation Report, as more Australians get access to the Internet than ever before.

With the exponential growth of Internet users, hackers are constantly seeking sophisticated techniques and methods to help them harness more victims. They send out data packets that scan your computer and identify the vulnerable ports that are accessible once you are connected online.  Australians lost was over $229 million to hackers in 2015.

The ultimate method to beat hackers and Ransomware is to install robust cyber security anti-virus software. Installing reliable anti-virus software will help reduce security breaches, keeping your computer and the network safe from any spyware and malware activities.


Installing reputable anti-virus software isn’t the only solution. Internet users always need to proceed with caution when it comes to checking emails and/or visiting web pages. You should never download email attachments or click on links unless you know they are from a safe and trusted source.

Most importantly, backup is the best method to keep your data safe, as viruses and malware can sometime erase or permanently  damage your data.

IT WIFI’s onsite support tech team can help you setup a regular daily/weekly/monthly backup method to give you peace of mind that your data is safe. The team can also assist you setup network backup storage and/or setup the cloud backup solution.

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